Making Sense of Tokyo Ghoul’s Complicated Furuta Nimura Villain’s Plot

One of the most popular anime series of 2014, Tokyo Ghoul ran for several seasons before its conclusion in 2018. The events leading up to the series’ end confused many fans because of the hurried storyline. The tale of the major antagonist Furuta Nimura was impacted since certain crucial details from the manga was left out of the anime. What specifically happened to him, and what was it he intended to achieve?

Although Nimura Furuta’s original name is Kichimura Washuu, he was born under the name Souta Washuu-Furuta in the Washuu family’s Furuta branch. He is the son of Tsuneyoshi Washuu, a former CCG chairman and V member. He spent his entire youth with Rize in the garden in the sun that group V was in charge of maintaining. He was born a half-human of the Washuu clan. Furuta learned as a youngster that no one in the branch family ever lived above the age of 30. He made the decision to live his life to the fullest because he was aware that this was his fate due to his ancestry.

Although having been practically raised as a cow to be used, Furuta found comfort in Rize and appeared to be in a loving relationship with her. He assisted her in leaving the tribe so that she may have a chance at a different life. Rize gained notoriety throughout time for her strength and appetite. Furuta was able to watch her as she stayed with the Washuu household. Rize attacks Kaneki, but he decides to punish her for her reckless behavior by dropping a steel beam on her. They had no idea that this incident would alter the direction of everyone’s lives. Furuta made Kaneki the very person who would realize his desire and put an end to his life by involving Kaneki.

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Furuta entered a number of organizations to gather information on his adversaries and manipulate their behavior to suit his purposes. He participated in Professor Akihiro Kanou’s research, which also transformed him into a one-eyed ghoul, and was a ghoul investigator as Nimura Furuta and a member of the Clowns as Souta. He eventually made the decision to usurp his father and murder him after gradually eliminating all of his adversaries and merging his supporters, V, and Clowns.

The CCG’s assault on the clowns is headed by Furuta. The detectives learn that some of the masked people are human during the siege. Furuta utilizes this knowledge to strengthen his hatred of ghouls after assuming complete authority as the new director. Sending hordes of Oggai members to Kaneki and Toka’s wedding is his first formal order. The ghouls are disadvantaged and overpowered. Kaneki transforms into a dragon in a desperate attempt to save Toka and their unborn child. In the process, however, he destroys the city and kills hundreds of people while saving the ghouls. Kaneki’s change is a part of Furuta’s plan. Therefore he is jubilant.

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It comes out that the dragon mass’s toxic secretions are transforming regular people into ghouls. In addition, it is giving birth to ghoul creatures all across the metropolis. Furuta supports this development because he anticipated it from the beginning. Furuta, the ghouls, and the rest of the CCG band together to confront this formidable threat. Every person and ghoul do their share to avoid further slaughter after Toka locates Kaneki. After Kaneki discovers Furuta in the base of the dragon mass, the final battle of the series begins. Despite his strength, he is defeated by Kaneki and eventually finds his voice. His true longing to live a normal life is only expressed in the final minutes of his life.

Furuta was a ghoul born with human blood who was unable to lead a regular life. He detested the fact that the blood pumping through his veins prevented that. Up until the very end, Furuta did everything to get revenge on the family and system that had confined him. He actually felt what he had spoken in jest. Furuta’s response of “great peace” in response to Eto’s question about what he desired was actually a wish for himself. Even though he knew it was impossible, he did everything he could to remove himself from his condition by destroying everything that had led to it, even if it meant dying.

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